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Best Places to Scatter a Loved One’s Remains After Their Cremation

Scattering a loved one’s cremated remains following their cremation services in Phoenix, AZ is one of the best options that you and your family will have. But you shouldn’t choose to scatter them just anywhere. You should look for a really special place to scatter them so that you’re able to leave your loved one’s remains in a spot that was meaningful to them. We’ve rounded up some of the best places to scatter a loved one’s remains below. See if any of them might be a good fit for your loved one’s remains.

In a large body of water

If your loved one really liked to spend time in or around the water when they were alive, why not look into scattering their remains in the water after their Phoenix, AZ cremation is complete. Many families opt to scatter their loved one’s remains in the ocean, but you might also be able to get away with scattering your loved one’s remains in a slightly smaller body of water. Just be sure that you find out what the rules and regulations are before doing it. You’re likely going to need to find a place away from any land before scattering remains in the water.

Up high on a mountaintop

If you don’t love the idea of scattering a loved one’s remains in the water, you might want to think about taking them up on a mountaintop to do it there instead. There is something very majestic about scattering a person’s remains on a mountaintop. It’ll be very peaceful and quiet way up high in the sky. It’ll give your family an opportunity to say goodbye to your loved one prior to scattering their remains and letting them fall down to the ground.

In the middle of a national park

Many families don’t know this, but there are a lot of national parks that will actually let you scatter a loved one’s remains if you would like. Every national park handles ash scattering requests a little differently, but most of them will allow you to scatter remains to some degree. You should find a national park that you would like to scatter your loved one’s remains at and see what their stance is on it. You’ll have to scatter a loved one’s remains off the beaten path, but that shouldn’t stop you from holding a beautiful ash scattering ceremony for them in a gorgeous setting.

cremation services in Phoenix, AZ

Out on a nature trail

If you don’t feel like doing something as dramatic as scattering a loved one’s remains out at sea or on a mountain, you can simply take them on a nature trail and scatter them there if you would like. The only thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t do it right on the trail itself. You don’t want people and animals to spend the coming days walking all over your loved one’s remains. You should take them off the trail a little bit and scatter them in a spot where they won’t be disturbed.


Before you can pick out where you want to scatter your loved one’s remains, you’ll need to put your loved one through the cremation process. You’ll also have to make other Phoenix, AZ funeral arrangements for them. Simply Cremation & Funeral Arrangements can assist you with both of these tasks. Contact us to discover more about our cremation services.

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