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At Simply Cremation & Funeral Arrangements, we want you to know we are continuing to serve local families while steadfastly following state and local requirements to ensure everyone's health and safety.

Due to social distancing conditions and CDC restrictions on large in-person gatherings, some of our services are modified at this time; to learn about the options currently available to local families, contact us at (623) 975-9393.

As we continue to serve the community, safety remains our top priority. Along with the meticulous standards for hygiene we have always maintained, we are currently following additional cleaning protocols to ensure a safe environment for both families and staff.

We remain available 24/7 to help your family and answer any questions you have during this time. Don't hesitate to reach out and learn how we can help.

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We are continuing to serve families during the COVID-19 crisis. Call (623) 975-9393 to learn more.
cremation services in Phoenix, AZ

Common Concerns You May Have Regarding Cremation Services

It wasn’t all that long ago that almost everyone chose burial services over cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. Cremation services have only risen in popularity over the last 20 years or so. With this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to hear that there are some people out there who still have concerns about choosing cremation. You yourself might be one of them! Let’s learn about these concerns and address them directly.


You worry about your religion not being on board with cremation.

As recently as 50 years ago, there is a pretty good chance that your religion may not have accepted a Phoenix, AZ cremation as a viable option. Many religions used to be steadfastly against cremation services. But nowadays, almost all of the world’s major religions have come to accept cremation. A few, like Judaism and Islam, are still against it. But outside of those religions, most religions now let people choose cremation as their preferred option.


You worry about what your family might say about cremation.

Since cremation services have only become popular in recent years, you might not have a whole bunch of people in your family who have chosen cremation over time. As a result, you might not know where your family stands on religion, and you might be concerned that they’ll be against it. However, many families have started to alter their stance on cremation, and yours could very well be one of them. You’ll never know until you sit down with your family and have a serious discussion about cremation.


You worry about how the cremation process will play out.

If you don’t know anyone who has been cremated and if you haven’t spent much time learning about cremation, then the cremation process might be foreign to you. This can cause some anxiety when you consider choosing cremation services for yourself. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to learn all about it through a quick Google search. You’ll see that the cremation process isn’t anything that you should be too worried about once you take the time to familiarize yourself with it.


You worry about what will happen to your remains following cremation.

If you’re considering cremation, one of the big things you might be concerned about is what will happen to your cremated remains following your cremation. This is a valid concern, but you’ll be happy to know that your family will have lots of options. They can bring your remains home with them, scatter your remains, or even bury them in a cemetery. You might want to discuss which option you like best with them so that they’re able to honor your final wishes.

Do you have any other concerns about cremation right now? Simply Cremation & Funeral Arrangements would love to speak with you about them to put your mind at ease. You can get answers to all your pressing cremation questions at our Phoenix, AZ funeral home. Give us a call now to set up an appointment with a funeral director.

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