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Coping with Suicide

Among the cremation services offered in Glendale, AZ are grief support and grief resources. They are often needed by families and friends are trying to cope with the suicide of a loved one.

There has always been a stigma around suicides. Attached to this stigma are unfounded ideas that people who commit suicide are cowards, selfish, and mentally ill. None of these is usually the case with suicides. The decision to commit suicide is often an impulsive decision, but there are many things that can bring a person to the point of making this decision.

Sometimes a suicide note is left that explains why the person has reached the point of taking their own lives. Other times, cryptic notes without explanations are left, and still other times, no note is left.

Regardless of whether the loved who committed suicide explained why, left words that gave no explanation, or was simply silent, family and friends are always left with many questions that they may never have answers for and guilt and regrets about the suicide.

The one question that is almost always asked about suicide is, “Why?” Even if the deceased love one explains why, family and friends will always take those explanations and ask why the person didn’t come to them for help. Sometimes suicide is the last resort when things have gone haywire in someone’s life and they simply don’t know what else to do or they’re too tired to try to figure it out anymore. It’s as simple and complicated as that.

As a person is contemplating suicide, they often feel cut off and very alone, so they can’t see that other people could help them. If they do know other people can help them, they may feel too ashamed to ask for the help or they may feel like they’d be too much of a burden on others. People who are contemplating suicide, however, are not taking the easy way out, nor are they being selfish (usually the opposite).

They are also usually not mentally ill, in the classic sense of mental illness. They may be depressed or in a funk, but often they will do their best to hide that from their families and friends, so that when they do commit suicide, it seems to have come out of nowhere.

If a person who commits suicide leaves a cryptic note, that generates more questions than a note of explanation. And if a person who commits suicide leaves no note, that can create a lot of long-lasting painful questioning as to motive in family and friends.

Guilt and regrets are the other two things that friends and family of people who’ve committed suicide have to cope with. The guilt comes from the idea that if family members and friends had known what was wrong and known what their loved one was thinking about that they could have prevented the suicide.

There’s sense that family and friends weren’t paying attention and missed what must have been obvious signs, and this can lead to regrets about not being their for their loved one when they needed them most.

Grief counseling can help both friends and family work through these aspects of grief – because that’s what this is – and give them some peace of mind as they work to move forward in their loss.

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