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At Simply Cremation & Funeral Arrangements, we want you to know we are continuing to serve local families while steadfastly following state and local requirements to ensure everyone's health and safety.

Due to social distancing conditions and CDC restrictions on large in-person gatherings, some of our services are modified at this time; to learn about the options currently available to local families, contact us at (623) 975-9393.

As we continue to serve the community, safety remains our top priority. Along with the meticulous standards for hygiene we have always maintained, we are currently following additional cleaning protocols to ensure a safe environment for both families and staff.

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We are continuing to serve families during the COVID-19 crisis. Call (623) 975-9393 to learn more.
Cremation services in Phoenix, AZ

Needs You Can Meet with Cremation Services

Cremation services in Phoenix, AZ can meet many needs that you find you have when your loved one dies. When you lose someone you love, you find that there are suddenly many decisions you have to make in a relatively short amount of time.

If your loved one didn’t make their funeral wishes known, then you have the additional stress of trying to decide what kind of funeral they would have wanted and how to go about making that happen.

Your funeral home will be an invaluable resource as you make funeral arrangements for your loved one. They will give you all the funeral options that are available and explain each one in detail so you can make the best choice.

One of those funeral options is cremation services for your loved one. While in the United States the funeral tradition has leaned toward a funeral service and burial of the casket, cremation services have become a very popular choice in the last few decades.

One of the questions that comes up about cremation services is whether they can meet all the needs of traditional funeral services. The answer is that they can. Here’s how.

One need that you have when a loved one dies is closure. When you see your loved one lying in repose in their casket, closure begins. With cremation services, you may believe that you can’t get the same closure because you don’t see your loved one again unless you do a viewing before cremation happens.

However, cremation services can bring about that same closure. You might have a memorial service with your loved one’s customized urn present. During the memorial service, your loved one’s life is recalled with fondness and warmth by the stories and memories of them that are shared by you and by others who attend.

Scattering your loved one’s cremation remains at a place they loved or that had special significance to both you and them is another way that cremation services can give you closure. Scattering ceremonies are usually very private, with just a few people who were close to your loved one in attendance, so there is a keen sense of being able to say goodbye in a way that matters.

Another need that you have when a loved one dies is a permanent memorial where you and family members and friends can go to spend time with your loved one. With traditional casket burials, you have a plot in a cemetery with a grave marker that is permanent and which you can visit as often as you wish.

This need for a permanent memorial to your loved one can also be met with cremation services. You may not be aware that urns can also be buried in a cemetery plot. If this is what you want for your loved one, your funeral director will help you choose an appropriate outdoor urn and will coordinate the burial with the cemetery of your choice.

If you need to have your loved one’s cremation remains transported somewhere else to be buried, your funeral home will take care of the transportation and coordinate the burial of the urn with a funeral home in the area where your loved one will be buried.

Cremation services in Phoenix, AZ

Cremation services can meet the same needs that traditional casket burials can. Your funeral home has years of knowledge and experience that they will put to work for you to ensure that all your needs are met.

For more information about cremation services offered in Phoenix, AZ, including grief resources, our caring and knowledgeable staff at Simply Cremations & Funeral Arrangements is here to assist you.

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