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Traveling with Cremains

After Peoria, AZ cremations, it is common for families to take the cremains of their loved ones to another place that was special to them and scatter some of the ashes there. While some travel may be done by car, it is not uncommon to fly to a destination with cremains. Know what domestic and international travel requirements are in advance can make the trip smoother and less stressful.   

For domestic travel, as long as Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and airline regulations are adhered to, cremains can be carried on or checked in baggage for most airlines.  

One of the TSA regulations is that they must be able to scan the container or urn the cremains are stored in. They must be able to see the contents, so metal and stone containers are not allowed. TSA suggests purchasing a temporary or permanent container that is constructed from plastic or wood. If the TSA is not able to see the contents of a container with cremains, they will not open it, out of respect for the deceased, even if you ask them to. Instead, they will simply not allow the container on the flight.  

Funeral directors can assist you with getting the right kind of cremains container for air travel, whether it’s a temporary or permanent container. It’s also a good idea to ask your funeral director and a licensed funeral director at your destination if there are any local rules related to traveling with cremains.  

Airline regulations are airline-specific. Go to the airline’s website and search for “cremated remains.” Most airlines, including Southwest, Delta, and American, will allow cremains on flights, but some specify whether they will carry them as air cargo, in checked luggage, or as carry-on.  

Some airlines require a seven-day advance notice if cremains as being shipped as air cargo, and they can refuse to allow them if there is no advance notice. So it’s a good idea to know what the policies of the airline you will be using are well in advance of the actual flight.  

International air travel is less straightforward. Different countries have different policies related to transporting cremains, so you’ll need to do more research before taking an international flight with cremains or sending cremains on an international flight.  

The first step is to contact the embassy of the country where you will be traveling with or shipping the cremains. Ask about their regulations, what documentation you will need to provide, and legal requirements for transporting or shipping cremains. The application and approval process can be lengthy, so make sure to allow enough time before the flight to get all the paperwork in order.  

Some countries don’t allow individuals to bring cremains into the country. Instead, they require the cremains to be shipped from a licensed funeral home or crematory in the United States to a licensed funeral home or crematory in their country. Your funeral director can help you with this process if you find that the country where the cremains will be scattered or interred has this requirement. 

For more information about traveling with cremains after Peoria, AZ cremations, our compassionate and experienced team at Simply Cremation & Funeral Arrangements can help. You can come to our funeral home at 16952 W. Bell Rd., #303, Surprise, AZ, 85374, or you can contact us today at (623) 975-9393.  

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