cremation services offered in Glendale, AZ

What About Cremation Jewelry?

Providing cremation jewelry is one of the cremation services offered in Glendale, AZ. Some people have jewelry made with a small amount of their loved one’s cremation remains. The jewelry is wearable, so it ensures that your deceased loved one is close to you when you are wearing the jewelry.

Some people think that cremation jewelry is weird or creepy. However, cremations are outpacing traditional burials here in the United States, and one reason for that is because of the flexibility family members have in how they use their loved one’s cremated remains.

A portion of cremation remains can be kept or buried in an urn, a portion can be scattered in a special place, a portion can be used for environmental purposes (such as building coral reefs to enhance marine life or used in soil for plants), and a portion can be used to create wearable jewelry. And these are just a few of the options for using cremated remains.

But while people usually understand scattering or burying some of a loved one’s cremated remains and using some of them to do help the environment, they may be hesitant about the concept of wearing jewelry that includes part of a deceased loved one’s cremated remains.

Cremation jewelry is actually a quite old funeral custom. From the 14th century until the early 1900’s, it was very common for people whose loved ones had died to wear.

While mourning rings didn’t contain their loved ones’ cremated remains, they served the same purpose as modern cremation jewelry. Mourning rings were crafted with locks of the deceased loved one’s hair, so when people wore mourning rings, they felt like they had their deceased loved one close by.

Mourning rings disappeared as the 20th century dawned, but the idea of keeping a deceased loved one nearby did not. It was that desire that led to the creation of wearable jewelry like rings, bracelets, lockets, and necklaces that contained a small amount of a loved one’s cremated remains.

If the thought of cremation jewelry seems strange or creepy to you, there are other ways you can use your loved one’s cremation remains to keep a part of them close to you, if not too close (some people keep them even closer by having tattoo artists mix some of the cremation remains mixed with tattoo inks, and then having a tattoo done with the special inks).

There are commercial artists who specialize in mixing a loved one’s cremation remains with oil-based paints. They then use the paints to create commemorative paintings for the family or for a family member. Often, these commemorative paintings are a likeness of the deceased loved one.

However, you can commission any kind of painting you want. You may not want a portrait of your loved one, but you want a symbol of something that represents one of their passions or a reminder of some object that was meaningful to them.

If a painting is not the way you want to create a permanent memorial for your loved one using some of their cremation remains, there are other creative ways to incorporate them into something that is artistic.

cremation services offered in Glendale, AZ

For example, you might want to take some of your loved one’s cremated remains and mix them with a favorite scent or dried flowers and melted wax to create a memory candle that you can put somewhere that reminds you of your loved one.

For more information about cremation services offered in Glendale, AZ, including grief resources, our caring and knowledgeable staff at Simply Cremations & Funeral Arrangements is here to assist you.

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  2. I highly recommend cremation jewelry to those who recently lost someone. The one I got from when my father died really helped me to keep his memory alive each time I wear the ring containing his ashes. Each day I see it and remember his life.

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