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We are continuing to serve families during the COVID-19 crisis. Call (623) 975-9393 to learn more.


Wilma “Joanne” Hawkins

Wilma “Joanne” Hawkins passed away on May 2nd, 2020 after a battle with cancer. She was born to William Albert Lieske and Minnie Sopha Blomseth on February 25th, 1932 in Pequot Village Minnesota. Wilma was one of twelve children born to the pair and grew up very close to her siblings. Joanne attended Pequot Lakes High School before becoming a chef.

After World War II Joanne went to visit her cousin and had fallen asleep on a chair in his living room. Upon waking up she laid eyes on her future husband Raymond. The pair had a whirlwind romance, one most people will only ever read about, and married two months later on July 29th, 1950. They were “two love birds” and it was rare to see one without the other in tow.  Joanne and Raymond decided to move to a farm and start a life for themselves together. Joanne loved animals and had an almost Snow White quality about her as all animals loved her too. She would often take warmed blankets out to the newborn calves at 2:00 am in negative 40-degree weather because “they might be cold”.

The epitome of grace and elegance, Joanne carried herself with a butterfly’s softness and an air of inherent authority. Her voice was soft but direct. When she was with you, it was obvious that she was fully present and paying attention, that what you said mattered. Those who spent time with her knew just how much she cared for them and never had to wonder if she was enjoying herself as her smile was infectious and her beauty glowed from within. She had an amazing sense of humor and sound almost anything funny. Her laughter could fill up a room with its delight.

Joanne was, at heart, a hostess and loved to cook for others. No matter what she made or how many times she made it she always had the same question “Did you like that? Did you really?” and you couldn’t so much as glance into the kitchen without hearing “can you come here and taste this for me?” More of a soft demand than a question. Whether it was a strawberry cake for birthdays or chocolate cake with homemade fudge icing her family always had a delicious homemade dessert waiting for them at home. Though, Joanne preferred to eat salads with a glass of red wine and ate them so much she was lovingly referred to as a “rabbit”.

Joanne was a woman of God and loved to read her bible. Joanne was one of God’s toughest soldiers and she knew that with God all things were possible and believed that keeping her faith strong was priority number one. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6 was a verse she kept near and dear to her heart. “God always has my back” was something she truly believed and often reminded her family of.

She loved being a grandmother and spending time with her grandchildren. There were countless weekends that her grandkids spent with her, going to the park, watching movies, eating grandma’s amazing cooking, playing hide and seek, and many other fun things. Through all of the fun, Joanne instilled two things in the hearts of her grandchildren; always be kind and love those around you with all of your heart.

Joanne is survived by her children, Pam (David), Greg (Betsy), and Terri Ann (Jim); eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Her memory will be carried on through them as they will always love her “a bushel and a peck”.

Beatrice H. Garza

Ms. Beatrice H. Garza, 80 of Surprise, Arizona, died May 11, 2020, after a long-term battle with illness. She was born August 25, 1939, to Pete and Emma Garza in Greeley, Colorado.

Beatrice attended Compton College and made her decision to become a nurse. She spent over 30 years working as a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Those who were close to Beatrice, knew that she preferred to go by Bea. Bea’s life revolved around her family, but not just her immediate family. She loved all of her family, from her babies to her extended family. She always had such a strong sense of love and commitment to her family that if she felt that she was needed by a family member, she would move to whichever state they were in to be there for them. When Bea lived in New Mexico, she found that she especially loved it there because she always felt at home.

Bea always enjoyed a long drive that allowed her to enjoy the sights that the surrounding landscape had to offer. She especially loved to see the country scenery.

Bea loved music and would enjoy listening to songs from some of her favorite musicians like Eydie Gorme and Los Panchos, Lucho Gatica and Los Tres Ases. In her free time, she enjoyed reading a book or solving a Sudoku puzzle. One of her favorite quotes was, “if only love were love.”

Bea was a beautiful soul, with determination, who was very giving and was never selfish with her love. She would always proudly say, “I did it my way,” when talking of the accomplishments and successes in her life.

She is survived by her daughters Andrea Pisano and Stephanie Pisano, her son Eugene Pisano, her brother Robert (Pungie) Garza, her 8 grandchildren Eugene Jr., Yvette, Annie, JohnO, Phillip, Mathew, Crystal and Andrew, her 18 great-grandchildren Phillip Jr., Jasmine, Izabell, Anthony Jr., Shevelle, Andrea (Shrimpy), Jullian, Caleb, Emily, Samuel, Hannah, Charlotte, Matthew, Jeremy, Madison, Mason, and Mallory and numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.

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