Daniel Hinkle

Mr. Daniel (Dan) Hinkle, 69 of Apache Junction, Arizona passed away June 19, 2024, in Sun City West, Arizona. He was born August 30, 1954, in Mesa, Arizona to Gerald Hinkle and Eulala Bristoll.

Dan had a 20-year tenure in the United States Air Force, where he specialized in rocketry and propulsion systems. His expertise extended to the skies of Vietnam, where he operated drones with precision and courage. He was stationed in Tucson, Arizona, and Edwards, California during his military career.

Dan married Mary Ann Herrmann-Hinkle on June 6, 1999. In their 24-year journey together, Dan and Mary Ann created a remarkable blended family. Their union brought together not only their own lives but also children from previous relationships. In his role as a father, he exemplified unwavering dedication and compassion. Throughout his life, he approached fatherhood with boundless love and guidance, leaving an indelible mark on his children’s lives, as well as his grandchildren.

In his leisure time, he loved nothing more than to tinker and fix things around the house, a skill honed from his childhood days spent alongside his father. Whether it was a broken appliance or a neighbor’s car, he was always there with his toolbox, ready to lend a hand.

He will be remembered for his optimistic spirit, storytelling, love for cooking a great breakfast, passion for woodworking, enjoyment of a cold Budweiser, and love for single mothers. His laugh, smile and “Can-Do” work ethic will be especially missed by his loved ones.

He is survived by his daughter, Emma Smith; his sons, Bob Herrmann, Steve Lendl, and Tony Lendl; his sister, Roxanna Hollabaugh as well as 10 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

He is preceded in death by his wife, Mary Ann Herrmann-Hinkle, his sister, Brigette Romo, and his son, Robert Hinkle, as well as his two beloved animals, his dog, Beau & his horse, Strider.

The family suggests that in memory of Dan, you raise a beer or two for him next time you are at your Local Watering Hole.

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