December 2023
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Austin Chase HagEstad

Austin Chase HagEstad, 12, of Buckeye, Arizona, went home to be with Jesus on Sunday, November 26, 2023.

Austin was born to Patrick and Rachel HagEstad at the Community Medical Center in Missoula, Montana on January 5, 2011.

Austin is remembered for his adorable smile, infectious giggle, his increasingly loud vocalizations when he really wanted to get his point across, his sense of humor and sarcastic wit revealed through his eye-gaze talker, and his indomitable spirit that continuously chose life over and over again until his body finally refused to cooperate.

Austin is survived by his parents, Patrick and Rachel HagEstad; brother, Michael HagEstad and wife, Emma; brother, Jonathan HagEstad; grandmother, Susan HagEstad; and grandfather, Lyndell Scott. He is preceded in death by his grandfather, Gary HagEstad; and grandmother, Barbara Scott.

A memorial service celebrating his life will be held at 2:00 pm on Saturday, December 9, 2023 at The Church at Sun Valley, 26252 W Desert Vista Blvd, Buckeye, Arizona held in the Festival Foothills Elementary School gym. Memorial donations can be made to the SEPTSA (Special Ed PTSA) at Kingswood Elementary in Surprise, AZ; the Foundation for Blind Children; or the Ryan House. Austin benefitted from all three of these non-profits and/or schools.
“There are children who rely on the help of others to survive their entire life,” Lee observes.
“Many people think it is better for them to go to heaven as quickly as possible, because life on
earth would be too difficult for them. But God sent them to the earth with disabilities. They’re not
the unnecessary ones in the world. God sent them to earth with a purpose. Disabled children
teach many people, change many people and help people reflect upon themselves, which is why
they are the educators of society.” Pastor Lee Jong-Rak, The Drop Box

“And whether you believe in miracles or not, I can guarantee that you will experience one. It
may not be the miracle you’ve prayed for. God probably won’t undo what’s been done. The
miracle is this: that you will rise in the morning and be able to see again the startling beauty of
the day.” William Kent Krueger, Ordinary Grace

Stewart David Templer

Stewart David Templer was born September 22, 1937, son of Adele and Sidney. Stu was an only child and eventually was raised by a hard-working single mother that gave him all the love and attention throughout his childhood. Stu kept a small circle of friends and shared a close bond with his cousin Jay throughout their lives, who was like a brother to him. Stu was a quiet boy, very observant, while Jay was the talker, they were the perfect pair growing up and were often-times joined at the hip.

Stu went on to excel in any sport involving a ball, attended the prestigious Lane Tech and ultimately developed as an exceptional baseball player, known city-wide and even being sought by Chicago White Sox scouts because of his demon fast ball. Stu decided to attend college and focus on becoming a teacher and coach. Stu began teaching and coaching right out of college at Mather and was less than 4 years older than many of the students he taught, but was still considered a great teacher and mentor. Stu coached basketball and was a constant learner–attending coaching clinics, basketball camps and tournaments, many times a fly on the wall observing: once even meeting Lew Alcindor and Coach John Wooden.

Stu married and divorced at a young age, he continued working hard and was a good son to Adele. Stu eventually met the love of his life, Jackie, they married, moved to a quiet rural suburb north of the city called Northbrook, and then two beautiful daughters came along: Cheryl and Cindy. Stu developed a passion for boating and wasn’t deterred by having daughters as he pushed them into the water—literally– both girls became great swimmers and masters of water skiing. Every summer was spent in Kentucky with friends and family: Hester’s, the Youngs, and a lot of memories.

Cheryl and Cindy both eventually married: At Cheryl’s wedding, Stu proclaimed during his reception speech to guests that he was “extremely happy to welcome his son-in-law Vince, an Arizona State football coach, and looked forward to seeing ASU go undefeated and playing in the RoseBowl that year,” so he could attend the game— ASU went undefeated and played in the rose bowl that year, Stu and Jackie attended the game.

Stu’s “second act” soon followed, retirement after an incredibly long teaching career, touching thousands of lives, and Stu many times being recognized like a rockstar in the most obscure places by students he had taught 40-50 years earlier still referring to him as “Mr Templer” or “Coach”: racquetball courts, the airport, the temple, at Walmart, in their retirement community, and in Mexico.

Stu became a grandpa to Noah, Sophie and Matthew– he didn’t like “grandpa,” and Cheryl wouldn’t allow him to be known as “coach” to her kids, so he begrudgingly agreed to being called “PaPa Stu.” A move to Arizona resulted where Stu and Jackie relished in the retirement lifestyle in the heat, golfing, pickleball, cards, more travel, and cruises, developing more relationships with like-minded couples.Stu continued his love of sports and young people by officiating basketball and football games, periodically having to eject obnoxious fans out of games–he was fair to players but firm to hecklers. Stu exemplified what a lifelong learner was: he became a responsible gun owner at 80 and an outspoken conservative, he was a true American patriot that loved this country dearly, oftentimes seen tearing up during the National Anthem.

On November 9th, 2023 at 7:15pm, Stu was called to a better place. He is enjoying the afterlife with his mom Adele, cousin Jay, Uncles Teddy, Sy, and Morris, favorite Rat Terrier Dancer, and all of his buddies that he had not seen in years that passed before him. Stewart David Templer, aged 86, husband, father, son, grandfather, cousin, uncle, nephew, teacher, coach, friend–beloved and cherished by many, will be missed. Rest in Peace, Coach.

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