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We are a full-service concierge for funerals and cremations. The owners have specialized in funeral arrangements for over 25 years. When you work with Simply Cremation, you will have at least two dedicated team members helping you so there is always someone available to lend a hand, answer questions, and serve you. We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated, that means spending time with you and giving every friend and family member the respect, compassion, and personal attention they deserve. Call us today at: (623) 975-9393

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What are the funeral industry services that will support your funeral planning goals? If you are preparing to design a funeral for yourself or a family member, then it is essential that you enlist the support of an experienced funeral home for assistance. There is no reason why you should work through these details by yourself. We’ve optimized the process to make it easier than ever to plan a funeral or cremation in Sun City West, AZ.

At Simply Cremation & Funeral Arrangements, we take a concierge approach with funeral planning. Our goal is to reduce your stress and the burden that you are carrying during this challenging life experience. We understand the difficulties that you are facing when choosing the funeral or cremation details for a loved one. Instead of carrying the burden yourself, we invite you to contact us so that you can discuss the options that are available for your family.

Getting Started with Funeral and Cremation Plans in Sun City West, AZ

Where should you look when you are ready to get started? Here are a few choices that are available:

  • Online Planning Tool: We offer detailed information here on our website to help you compare the options that are available in the industry. For instance, you can see options such as funeral celebrant, celebration of life ceremony, celebration of life idea, direct cremation, and so forth. You can use our online planning tool to select the details that support the needs of your family. It is easy to work through the funeral plan from the comfort of your home.
  • Phone Consultation: Even if you select your desired services online, it is inevitable that questions will come up when you are comparing the industry options such as cremation cost or funeral cost. Our team at Simply Cremation & Funeral Arrangements is here to assist. We encourage you to call any time if you want to learn more about the ways that we can support funeral planning.
  • Office Meeting: Another option is to schedule a meeting at our nearby location so that you can have a conversation with someone face to face. This meeting can be scheduled at your convenience. During this appointment, you will meet with two of our experienced staff members who are available to answer questions, discuss your preferences, and help you choose the services that support your goals.
  • In-Home Consultation: Whether your health is poor and it is difficult to leave the house, or you prefer the comfort of staying at home, we are available to come to your location. Call our office to schedule an appointment; then our representatives will visit your home to help with the funeral planning process.

We want to make it easy to design a custom funeral. So, our team is here to cater to the funeral details based on your requests. You will see that we never cut corners on the way the services are designed. Our concierge approach is focused on quality and satisfaction, ensuring that you love the results for the event.

Funeral, Memorial, or Celebration of Life?

What is the best style for the event that you are planning for a loved one? It is common to have a traditional funeral with a procession to the cemetery. But, you don’t need to stick with this standard plan if it doesn’t meet the needs of your family. At Simply Cremation & Funeral Arrangements, we have experience with traditional funeral services as well as a variety of alternative options for funeral and cremation in Sun City West, AZ.

Tradition cremation can give you options to choose either a funeral or memorial. If you desired the funeral process, then the body can be placed in a casket for the viewing and funeral service. Then, the cremation process will be done after the event is finished. A memorial is an event when the body isn’t present. But, you might plan the memorial after the cremation so that you can have the urn on display for friends and family members to see.

Finally, consider the option to have an informal gathering. A small meeting might be held if you want to have close family and friends present when the ashes are scattered. Or, you could have a gathering in your home for select people. On the other hand, some families want to celebrate the life that was lived, so they choose a party-style Celebration of Life instead of a formal funeral.

Many solutions are available in the industry. We believe that every family should have access to personalized services. So, our team is here to assist with your preferences for the event.

Contact us to learn more about funeral and cremation in Sun City West, AZ. You can visit Simply Cremation & Funeral Arrangements by stopping by our nearby location: 16952 W Bell Rd Ste 303, Surprise, AZ 85374. Or, call to set a time for your consultation: (623) 975-9393


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