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Why It Might Make Sense to Bury a Loved One’s Cremated Remains

If you’re going to go through the trouble of planning out cremation services in Phoenix, AZ for a loved one as opposed to burial services, it might not seem as though turning around and burying their cremated remains would make a whole lot of sense. But this has actually turned into a really good option for many families out there. If your family hasn’t considered doing this, you should learn about some of the top reasons why you might want to do it. Find out about them below.

It’ll make sure your loved one’s remains stay safe.

When you bury a loved one’s remains in the ground after their Phoenix, AZ cremation, you won’t have to worry about anything happening to them in the years to come. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that the remains are safe and sound. But this won’t always be the case if you bring your loved one’s remains home with you. A fire in your home or a home burglary could result in damage being done to your loved one’s remains. There is even a chance your loved one’s remains could get stolen. This could be catastrophic for your family.

It’ll set your family up with a place to visit your loved one’s remains.

In the future, your family members are likely going to want to visit your loved one’s remains every now and again. It’s going to be challenging for them to be able to do this if they’re sitting somewhere in your home. You’ll be much better off burying them in a cemetery so that they’re in a central location. It’ll allow your family members to go and visit with the remains whenever you want. Your family can also gather together at your loved one’s burial plot to pay tribute to them.

It’ll help future generations of your family learn more about your loved one.

At some point down the line, everyone in the current generation of your family is going to be gone. This is going to make it difficult for future generations of your family to learn about your loved one. But this might not be the case if you bury your loved one’s remains in a cemetery. In addition to burying the remains, you’ll also get to create a permanent memorial for your loved one. Future generations will be able to use this memorial to find out a little bit more about your loved one. It’ll keep their memory alive for many years.

It’ll provide you with peace of mind as you move forward.

If you have your loved one’s remains in your home, there is always going to be a part of you that will wonder what’s going to happen to them once you’re not around anymore. This can cause some concern on your part and even stress you out to some degree. You’ll eliminate a lot of the stress that you would feel otherwise by burying your loved one’s remains. You won’t have to be worried about what might happen to your loved one’s remains in the future. You’ll know that they’re going to stay safe for centuries.

Phoenix, AZ cremation

Do you think that burying your loved one’s remains might make the most sense for you and your family? Simply Cremation & Funeral Arrangements can help you make the right decision as far as what you should do with your loved one’s remains when you make Phoenix, AZ funeral arrangements for them through us. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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